Friends for Life!

One of the unexpected outcomes while attending school is the friends you make along the way.

Golden State College has a small intimate feeling where students encourage and support one another. 

While a court reporting program is an individual journey, a camaraderie develops among students.

When one succeeds, everyone feels the effect, and the end result is that happiness and hope spreads!

Friends made while attending Golden State College continue to stay in touch professionally.  It's good to know that you're not alone; there are others around you that know exactly what you're going through... in school and on the job.


"IT'S TEMPTING TO SIT AND WAIT FOR LIFE TO COME TO YOU. BUT IT CAN'T. IT'S TOO BUSY. LIFE IS OUT THERE. YOU HAVE TO GO FOR IT." Court Reporting is an excellent career promising a great future with extraordinary compensation and financial reward for quality people. Are you made of the right stuff? Might this career be for you? Then go get it!

Sandy, GSC, California

"I always enjoy showing people the steno machine for the first time. Watching them put their hands on it...they see how the letters all work together to make words and phrases. It's always fun. They have that "a-ha" moment. Together we take whatever time is needed to answer questions or give additional resources."

Amber E,Graduate, California CSR (2010)

The three years I spent at Golden State College of Court Reporting & Captioning were the most rewarding years of my educational career. The staff gave me the motivation I needed to get through a self-paced program as fast as I could, as well as making sure I was prepared for the court reporting career ahead. I have been reporting for four years and have found it to be everything I had hoped for: a financially stable career, allowing me to make my own schedule and meet new people. I love being a court reporter!

Audrey T, Graduate, California CSR (2008)

Not knowing in which direction I wanted to go, I consider myself lucky to have found Golden State College at a college fair. I was drawn in by the two owners, Kelly and Sandy, who were so enthusiastic about court reporting, but then I fell in love with the field as soon as my fingers hit the machine. Golden State College gives you everything you need and more in order to pass the state test and prepare you for the real world. It takes hard work and dedication, but there was always so much encouragement and support from the staff and other students that it was such a wonderful and rewarding experience.

Dawn H, Graduate, California CSR (2007)

"Golden State College allowed me the ability to move through the program at my own pace. After only two and a half years in school, I have been working in a job unlike anything else. GSC gave me my freedom! Court reporting allows me to choose where and when to work. When I want to take a vacation, I go!"

Kris C, Graduate, California CSR (2006)

"I was married 16 years with no training in any career. I was a stay-at-home mom raising three kids. Going through a divorce, I needed a way to support my family so I decided to train to be a court reporter. Of all the schools I attended, Golden State was the best! It's local and it's owned by court reporters with one-on-one monitoring and small class sizes. As soon as I graduated from Golden State and was licensed, I was working! There's so much work out there. In court...out of court...I actually turn down jobs because I'm so busy! It's a lay-off proof profession because there's always work out there! I worked a couple hours today and now I get to go play with my granddaughter!"

Christy C, Graduate, As a Student (2014)...

"Golden State College is made up of a tight-knit court reporting family full of knowledgeable staff and supportive students. Networking is critical, and the connections available in school have been very helpful in my pursuit of a career in court reporting."

Christy C, Graduate, ...as a California CSR (2014)

Hey, I just received in the mail my notice that I have passed all three portions of the CSR! I'm so EXCITED! I really wanted to thank you so much for everything! Switching to GSC was the best thing I could have done! You know how the story goes, but I really am so glad I came and moved forward with my schooling at GSC. I appreciate the genuine support I have received from the students and staff at school. You have accumulated quite a special group of people there. It makes me happy to know what an awesome web of people I have in my corner. From the awesome staff to the dedicated students, everyone really cares and wants what's best for one another. It's not every day that one comes across such a great group of people. You really have done a great job of building an awesome program. I am so proud to be linked to such a great establishment. Also, I want to mention how much I appreciate YOU! Ever since day one you've been 100 percent supportive! You've always kept a positive demeanor, and you helped me to get excited about court reporting. You have always helped me with anything I've asked, and you've always believed in my goals. That really means a lot! I truly am grateful to have you as a teacher, mentor, tutor, motivator, helper, listener, voice of reason, and friend. I know without question that you want what's best for me, and you have done so much to help me every step of the way. I'm rambling now, but I'm just really excited and really grateful! This is a win for both of us! I am going to fill out and mail out the form tonight. Next I'll get back on my machine every day (I've been on it, but not every day =P) and make moves to prepare myself for my first job! I already have my professional software and a professional writer. I think I need to go through all the small things to be prepared for an actual job. Exhibit stickers, business cards, how to use the audio recording, that sort of thing. I am thinking if possible I could either meet with you, or Kelly, or anyone who would have the time to run through with me all the things I would need for a deposition. I'm not sure if any of this makes sense because I'm just SO EXCITED!! =) Thanks again for everything! I'm so grateful to have you as my backbone through all of this =] Christy Curry